Tim & Rebecca Lindsay

Pastors • Coaches • Speakers • Authors • Podcasters
With over 60 years of combined experience leading thousands of people through spiritual formation and personal development, they now distill decades of learning into very practical, step-by-step, coaching packages and events.
Authors of their upcoming book Unstoppable Growth
30 years experience leading churches
25 years experience coaching high impact individuals and teams
10 years experience managing multiple sales teams
3000+ hours of speaking experience for nonprofit and business
Lead podcasters on the Unstoppable Growth podcast
Originally from Ireland and Switzerland, they now reside in Charleston, South Carolina, where they pastor under the leadership of their pastors, Josh and Lisa Surratt at Seacoast Church. They have three grown up children: Ciarrah, Cian and Darren.

Breakthrough Transformation
Become Unstoppable

Rebecca and Tim empower individuals and couples to discover their full potential in their relationships and careers. They will help you get crystal clear on what you truly want with uniquely tailored tools, maps, and exercises that will provide a way for you to overcome adversity, build on your strengths, and unlock your unique potential.

Key Benefits

Proven Path
Join thousands who have experienced life transformational results
Maps & Tools
Get equipped with the individual resources you need for your journey
Holistic Results
Grow in the areas of your life that really matter to you
More Impact
Learn how to help others experience the breakthrough they need

Custom Packages

Choose the package you need to experience the growth you want
Unstoppable Growth
For motivated individuals and couples that want to grow their relationships, career and impact
14 x 50min Weekly Coaching Sessions
99 Day Email Support
Unstoppable Growth Maps and Tools
Custom Growth Plan
$1,260 (Individual)
$1,890 (Couple)

Weekly $100 or $150 x 14
Apply for Full Potential
Repurpose your past mistakes to fuel an unstoppable future

Why Statement
Define and design your life around your God-given potential

5 Capitals
Identify and build the resources you’ve been entrusted with

5 Roles
Find peace by living according to how God has wired you

Vision Board
Set the right goals that lead to your unstoppable growth

Help the people you love get the help they need
Clarity Now
For individuals and couples that want more clarity and practical next steps
5 x 50min Weekly Coaching Sessions
36 Day Email Support
Life Maps and Tools
Custom Growth Plan
$450 (Individual)
$675 (Couple)

Weekly $100 or $150 x 5
Get a 360 Life Assessment

Identify and rise above your challenges

Clarify “what is”, “what could be” and “what will be”

Life-giving Goals
Set goals that are aligned with God’s purpose for your relationships and career

Learn to say ‘yes’ to what matters and ’no’ to what doesn’t
Free Breakthrough Call
For individuals and couples that want to cut to the chase
1 x 50min Session
Absolutely Free
One-time offer
Apply for Breakthrough Call
Ongoing Breakthrough Coaching Calls
$100 per session (Individual)
$150 per session (Couple)
Download your Situation
Get to the Point
Receive a Word of Wisdom
Identify your Next Step
Success Stories
“Rebecca and Tim’s coaching gave me the courage to move forward in my career. I immediately applied for a new position and received a 78% salary increase. I love my new job!”
Jacqueline Gerety
Project Engineering Leader
“We are so thankful for the coaching that Tim and Rebecca gave us to take our marriage to a place of understanding and mutual encouragement. Now we get to help other marriages flourish.”
Britt and Lisa Limehouse
Betrayal Trauma Coach
“Working with Tim and Rebecca helped me become much more intentional with my career, health and relationships. Now I have clarity around my goals and the tools to get there.”
Jon Douglas
Sales Manager
Your Guide to Unstoppable growth
People are more distracted than ever before. It has become increasingly difficult to focus on what God wants to do in and through us. Many Christians don’t live in their God-given potential and the consequences can be drastic. Unstoppable Growth will help you get crystal clear on what you truly want out of your relationships and career. The tools, maps, and exercises will provide a way for you to overcome adversity, build on your strengths, and unlock your unique potential.
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Passionate & Inspirational

Tim and Rebecca have thousands of hours experience in public communication. They have spoken in a multitude of different settings, from large conferences to small breakout sessions, in front of sales departments and in church services, as keynote speakers and as panel guests, at weddings and business retreats.
Book Tim or Rebecca to speak at your…
Personal Growth Conference
Leadership Development Offsite
Interactive Unstoppable Growth Cohort
Unstoppable Growth Coaching Retreat
Unstoppable Growth Sermon Series
Business Leaders Offsite
Men, Women’s or Marriage Conference
Christian Conference or Church Service
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Topics we speak on

  • How to speak so that others listen
  • How to turn your mess into your message
  • How to use your past hurt to fuel your abundant future
  • How to serve your way into leadership
  • How to create the marriage you always believed was possible
  • How to work from rest
  • How to harness special moments to accelerate growth
  • How to say “yes” to what matters and “no” to what doesn’t
  • How to identify and multiply your potential
  • How to own and grow your personality
  • How to turn your enemies into friends
  • How to grow and multiply your resources
  • How to recruit your Coach
  • How to create a life-guiding why statement
  • How to make wise decisions quicker
  • How to say what you really want 
  • How to leverage your relationships for growth
  • How to do what you know
  • How to throw your pearls before kings
  • How to lead so that others follow
  • How to build a results-driven team
  • And much more…
“Tim is one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve ever heard. He is able to connect Biblical principles to life issues in a unique and refreshing way.”
Werner Heusler
Pastor, Church Alive Zurich
“Tim’s communication is so real and authentic, his passion for Jesus always energizes and leaves his listeners with real hope and concrete next steps.”
Katie Walters
CEO, Francis+Benedict
“The ability to speak truth in love, is a rare quality Rebecca utilizes with grace. Her practical, prophetic perspective always gives me confidence to take my next step toward what God is calling me to do.”
Jenna Surratt
Sisterhood Pastor, Seacoast Church
“Rebecca was so vulnerable with her current circumstances. Years later, her words are still constant encouragement for the challenges I now face.”
Brook Morris
Devoted Wife and Stay at Home Mom
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THe Unstoppable Growth Podcast
Be a fly on the wall as our Unstoppable Growth coaches share different learnings and experiences. Laugh, cry and learn more as we unpack Unstoppable Growth and how it’s making an impact on our lives.

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We can't wait to see you overcome adversity, build on your strengths and unlock your unique potential. Please let us know how we can help you.
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